Thursday, December 19, 2013

I love snow!!!

For some reason, I don't remember snow last winter!  Maybe we didn't have that much...we sure have a lot of it now and I love it!!!

I'm not so crazy when Mom makes me wear my booties outside for a walk, but at least I get to go outside!

Sometimes I take my ball or toys outside and make mom come out to get them!  And the best part is running hard as I can in the snow and using my head as a shovel!  What fun!

This is me in the back seat...if mom is running into a store, she won't let me loose up front because I open the door lock!  So she makes me stay in the back so I can run around or look out the window(s).  But then she always puts me back in my seat belt when we are driving (mom drives NOT me!).
I sure love riding in the car but when we travel to Florida I have to ride in my crate...that's ok.  I sit high up and can look out the window so I guess it's not so bad.  I just hope we have some snow I can play in when we take potty breaks!!!  Mom said she hopes we don't!  Sometimes she can be a spoil sport!

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