Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sad face (NOT!)

Well, guess you can tell this isn't me in the picture ..maybe I should have put a sad face of my mom on this post instead!
You see, Mom made me take the Good Canine Citizen test on Thursday and I did SO good with all my commands!!   Mom said she was so proud of me! BUT....I'm not good when my mom goes out of the room.  It's called 'supervised separation!  I don't want to be separated from my mom!
Someone has to hold my lease for 3 minutes while mom walks out of the room or building!  3 minutes!  Do you know how long that is in dog minutes!  A very, very long time!  At least for me it I didn't have to pass all of the"criteria" (that's a big word I kept hearing mom and the 'tester' talk about!) and supervised separation was the last test we had to do.
 If I'm at home, I don't care that mom leaves me.  I usually just go in my crate (mom lets me loose when they leave now - she said it's because I'm so good!).  So, now mom is trying to get me used to her walking out of a building without me when we go other places.
 HA...does she really think this will work!  Must be...she keeps leaving me with other humans and walks out of my sight.  I am getting better but I'm still whining...Mom said I'll get used to it because she wants me to be a therapy dog (like Mandy).  I think it would be fun and nice to have a job of visiting people in the hospital(s) guess I'll keep trying to get used to my mom leaving me...just wish it wasn't as long as 3 minutes!  So does mom!

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