Thursday, November 1, 2012

I love Halloween!

I love Halloween!  I still don't know what that word means other than lots and lots of kids came to see me!  Something else that I didn't understand was I had to wear clothes!  Mom put a T-shirt on me.  I didn't think I was scary! 

Anyway, we had lots of kids come and mom rewarded them with treats for coming to see me!  She had a big basket of treats for the kids. Wasn't that nice of her!
Mom gave me treats too, because once the kids left she would tell me to go back in my crate, which I did because I'm a good girl.  I never barked once when the kids knocked on the door or rang the door bell! 

For some reason, by the end of the hour (that's called the Trick or Treat hour!), mom and dad had tears in their eyes.  I thought they were sad because the "hour" was over with...but mom said it was because I was such a good girl!  Go figure!  That was easy!  Now I know how to make mom cry!  OK, I'll not do that very often...I'll make sure to be the wild and crazy dog she knows and loves! 

This was me waiting for the kids to come see me!
Mom video taped me at the door seeing my company!  I was so good and never went past the open door.  I stayed beside mom the whole time!  I think mom was afraid I'd go through the door...she sure over used the word "stay" but that's ok.  I wasn't going to go anywhere! 

I can't wait for next Halloween!!!  Maybe kids will come back again to visit me!!!


  1. Oh Kaylee! What a wonderful greeter you were. And so suitably attired!

  2. Wow, such a well behaved girl!!
    Our Halloween was postponed till Sunday...I'm sure Bugsy will be much