Monday, July 9, 2012

Poor me

This is me helping mom sew the other day.  Actually, I didn't help much...I was just holding the fabric still for her but it wasn't exactly what she wanted me to do.  But mom doesn't care as long as I'm with her during the day.  Which I will be doing a whole lot more of!  I hurt my back leg the other day and now the joint is poping in and out!  Weird for sure!
Mom took me to the doggie Dr. today and he said to keep me from jumping up or going up steps and just take it easy.  I'm not really in any pain unless I twist my leg and it pops out!  Sometimes I might yelp but mainly I just walk funny and then it pops back in and I'm fine again! 

Mom is really disappointed because we won't be going to Rally class for a few weeks!!  I'm bummed too because I really like Mary Jo and all the folks over at Custom Dog Training!!  But we will be back I know 'cause my mom takes good care of me. 


  1. Oh no! Stay quiet? Now there's a challenge. Do hope things improve steadily.

  2. Awww -- poor little angel!
    That's exactly where Bugsy likes to lay when I am sewing. He's like my little quilting inspector...

    Feel better soon!