Saturday, July 21, 2012

PLEASE, Mom!  Can't we go to Rally class!!  I'm so bored!!!

Mom and dad have been taking really good care of me with my bum leg!  But it's getting a little boring...same old...same old thing every day.  Although, mom has been taking me for small walks.  She said because she has to carry me up and down the stairs to go potty, I'm not getting any exercise.  She thinks it's good to keep the muscles moving at least.  Thank goodness for that!  At least we get to walk around the yard or if it's cool enough then we'll walk in our sub.  She won't take me up and down the hills yet but that's ok.  I get out of the house and get to smell all those doggie smells out there!  Sometimes I even pick up some trash from the street (I'm not a litter bug myself!) but mom makes me drop it.  Don't know why she doesn't just pick it up and throw in the trash.  She always does this 'icky' face.  I'll keep trying to get her to pick up litter! 

So for another week or two guess this will be me.  Just sitting around trying to make mom and dad feel guilty so they'll at least hold me!  Works for me!

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