Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everyone knows that I love my mom lots!  I mean really love her lots!  But some things she doesn't do very well.  Like take pictures! 

This is a picture of our street!  I don't know why she took it but she did.  I guess for a picture of a 'street' it's pretty good but A STREET!?  Why?

And this is a picture of Cody from behind!  BEHIND!  Getting my drift on the bad picture taker!!!

And this is me!  OK, part of me!  Are you getting the drift of this post!  I'm so pretty but mom only got 3/4's of me in the picture!  My best part if my side view with my tail as it lays over my back! 

Well, hold on to your hat!  Wait until you see the quick, and I mean quick, video mom took while we were walking yesterday! 

Oh well...I'm sure there are some dog mom and dad's that don't take any pictures!  And they probably don't even have their own blog!  So guess I'll go and give mom a big, wet kiss and hug!  I do love her even if she's a bad photographer (I know that's a big word but I heard her say it before!). 

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