Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playtime with Cody

Cody came to play!!  Mom and I just got back from a day with Nick!  Amber had basketball camp so it was just Nick, mom and me!  We had a quiet day cause Nick wasn't feeling so good.  He's had some kind of "flu" mom said.  i don't know what it is but from the sounds of it, I don't want it! 

When we got home Cody was ready to play!
Of course we have to keep watch on the back yard!  Mom said we do good work!  Because we all had a busy day, mom said no walk tonight.  We will take our walk in the morning and again at night tomorrow.  That's ok!  I'm tired from playing with the cats today too!  This is me and Alley taking a rest!  I love Alley and A.J.!  They are the best cats!
Well, off to take a quick nap! 

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