Sunday, August 19, 2012

We're hunting for what???

I never know where mom is going to drag, I mean, take me!  This past Wednesday, which is our 'watching kids' day, I was put in a wagon!  What!  A wagon?  Why?  We were looking for something so Mom said I might have to walk too far and it was too hot so I settled in.  It really was kind of nice since I could just sit and watch people and other dogs (they were walking!).  I'm sure the people (& dogs!) made fun of me in the wagon but mom said I'll never see them again so not to let it bother me. 

Anyway, mom said they were looking for a buried treasure!  I don't know about treasures...I just know that I try to hide my rawhide chews in our house.  I don't take them outside to hide!  Oh was a fun day but I sure was pooped when I got home!  I just wanted to be left alone to suck my foot.  Mom said someone told her I have 'issues' because I suck my foot!  I don't have issues...I just like to suck my foot!  It helps me to sleep!  And after 'watching kids' and 'hunting for treasures' I need my rest!


  1. Such a sweet angel!
    Bugsy sucks his foot too sometimes...don't think he has any issues. Kind of like a little kid sucking their thumb?

    Did you find the treasure? :)

  2. Kalee is pure entertainment! She could use one of those little hook-on beach umbrellas on her wagon for a pampered ride. She doesn't miss out on any of the fun.