Thursday, October 11, 2012

 My mom hasn't been on the computer a lot lately so I haven't had much of a chance to get my 'paws' on the computer I'm behind in posting! 

A few weekends ago Amber stayed overnight with us and we even had Cody stay as well! 
I still don't know where Amber or I fall on the 'family tree'.  Mom said she is her grand daughter...wonder what that makes her to me!  My friend at least!

Amber loves taking us for walks so off we went for one of many walks! 

Yes, that is a dish on the ground and Cody and I are taking a water break!

Amber brought a bag with her that had water and a bowl so we could stop and drink.  Wasn't that nice of her!  She said it was her 'medical' kit in case Cody needed anything!  Cody has some health issues but is doing really well but we don't like to walk a long way without resting. 

Amber carried Cody but no one carried me!  That's ok.  Mom said I need to lose weight so guess I won't be getting carried anytime soon! 

This is Zorro another one of Cody's room mates.  I love cats but I've never met Zorro!  Maybe someday I'll get to meet him.  Amber was lucky enough to feed Zorro a treat!  Treat!!  Even the word makes me drool!!  Guess I better see if mom is getting me a treat!  Or dinner!!  Or anything to eat!!!

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