Sunday, January 29, 2012

And you think you have "problems"!

Yep...I turned out to be a "problem" (mom said this is dad's favorite word!) last night!! Dad took me out for my 'last potty' break but decided it would be fun to make me run and play!! "WRONG idea", said mom!
You see...I like to run under the bushes and around the yard where there isn't any bark or grass! Of course, it was a little damp last night and the dirt and mud stuck to my body!

Dad yelled to mom that I needed a bath! Mom told dad to wait until she got the camera (I think she was getting even with him by making him wait!) Well, that was a "problem" for dad because he didn't want to get dirty. Guess he didn't want mom to give him a bath too!

So I had to have a bath at 10:30 at night. Mom was laughing a lot so I guess it was a little funny for one of us!

I did get nice and clean and spent some time in my small crate while I got dried off. Actually, having a hot bath at night is kinda good! Makes you sleep really well! So did mom and dad!
My dirty body!
My dirty back feet!


  1. I can hardly believe she could find that much black dirt! But she brought it all inside with her. Too funny.

  2. Oh my!
    I'm sure we'll be seeing the same here when the ground thaws in Ohio and the rain starts...