Sunday, January 8, 2012

She's at it again!

Geeezzz...yep, mom is at it again! She just informed me that I'm going back to puppy school starting next Saturday! What's up with that! I thought I graduated! Mom said there are lots of different classes you can graduate from. I guess that's OK because I did like going to school and meeting new dogs. Mom said I'm doing great at all my obedience lessons but her memory isn't what it used to be so we're going to school (again) mainly for her benefit! Whew! Glad it's not because of me!
This is me waiting for dad to get home so we can go on a golf cart ride! Wow! That's fun. I sit on mom's lap and dad drives us all around the community. I like the wind in my hair and seeing all the sights. Sometimes they take me to the doggie park here in the community but I haven't seen or met but one little dog. Mom said that's just fine and I'll meet more dogs at school.
The last picture is the street I see from our front door. Mom and I go for walks down that street and sometimes we go off to the left or right. I never know which way we're going but I still like to walk.

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