Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun in the sun

Mom is sure keeping me busy here in Florida! I don't mind it but I do get tired and take more naps than I used to! This is me in the outside room - mom and dad have a fancy name for it, Lani, but I just call it the outside room!
Mom and I played in the outside room today. Well, I played and she was playing with her beads and threads. I'm not allowed to play with them so I had to bring some of my own toys out to the outside room. I like laying on the tile's nice and cool after I've run in the yard and worked up a sweat!
This is me waiting for dad to come home from doing his golf thing. I don't know what the golf thing is. Mom said dad just likes to hit a little ball with a big stick. I don't know why he just doesn't run with the small ball out in the yard like I do. Guess I just can't figure out what these old people do all the time. Dad does take me and mom on a ride on his golf cart.

That's why I'm waiting for dad to come home! Mom has also taken me to the doggie park here in the community where we live. So far I haven't seen any dogs. Mom said we're either too early or too late but I think she's glad. She's afraid I'll want to play with them instead of listening to her. She does let me kinda run on the leash instead of our normal walks...those I have to be on her left side and walk real nice. I do it just to make her happy.
Mom took this video of me at the park today. Now it's time for our walk in the community so I have to run!

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