Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm not a snow dog any more!

WOW! Now I know what mom and dad meant by 'snow bird'! Guess I'm now a snow bird instead of a snow dog. There's no snow here where mom and dad took me!
This is me walking in my new fenced in back yard and it it SO big! I run and run and run and...well, you get the idea! Mom said she's not so sure about this big yard for, instead of the big rocks we have at home (that I play with!) they have this wood stuff that's so much fun to pick up and run away with. Mom calls it "bark" but I don't hear the wood barking! I think mom is just confused from the 2 1/2 day trip we took in the car.
This is me in our hotel room. I had fun there too with dad throwing my ball and toys and just playing with me.
It was a little confusing for me but mom said I did really good. By the 2nd day around 3 in the afternoon I decided I wasn't going to go potty anymore so I held it really good until 10 at night! The next morning mom took me out and there were so many doggie smells I just didn't want to go. Mom put me back in my crate and every 10 min. she would take me back outside. Finally, she asked dad to take me out while she got ready. I did go potty for dad...only because I couldn't hold it anymore! I just didn't like all the smells but I'm back on track now and ringing the bell to go outside. Mom and dad think I'm just the best little dog! I try to keep my old parents happy by doing little things like that for them.
This was me the last day...I sure slept alot! But there really wasn't anything else to do. So I just laid on buddy (my favorite toy) most of the trip. Gracie sat next to me and we would look at each other. Mom was afraid she might bite my nose!
This is me eating my chewing while mom and dad were having breakfast. Yep, I'm good when mom and dad eat. I lay on the floor next to them and chew my chewie or take a nap. I'm really good because I don't jump up or beg for food. Mom said that's just because dad hasn't taught me a bad habit yet. I'm not sure what "bad habit" that would be...maybe some day dad will teach me! Well, I have to run and play in the yard again! Mom took me for a walk yesterday and our first morning walk today already! We even rode the golf cart yesterday! What fun it is being a snow bird! I just hope I don't have to eat that seed food they give Gracie!

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