Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I love my blankie!

Mom said Amber made this blankie last year and I just love it!
Sometimes mom puts it on her chair for me to lie on.
I like to bury my bones in it too...except sometimes mom sits on one. She's not very happy when that happens!
And sometimes I just like to sit on the end of the couch. I like to tease mom that I'm going to reach over and grab her knitting or sewing! I figure if it's there, it's for me to play with! Mom doesn't feel that way.
I had to go to the vets today for a slight ear problem. I had an itching ear but mom has been cleaning it out with some of Mandy's ear cleaner. The vet said mom must have done a good job because I don't have a bad infection at all. He gave us some dumb drops that mom puts in my ears. I don't like that very much because it tickles. Mom said it will only be a few more days of ear drops. Now I can just pretend like I don't hear hear when mom calls me...because of the ear drops you know! I guess that will work for a few days!

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