Friday, December 2, 2011


Well, my mom sure tricked me! She brought out my car taxi the other day and, since I love going for a ride, I jumped right in! I should have known something was up because dad drove us...and we ended up at our vet's office. I thought I was getting my day at the spa again but NOT!!
Turned out I had what mom called surgery! I don't like surgery so much. It's not a game and it makes your tummy hurt...well, just a little. The vet made me go to sleep then they put me in a crate...I don't know what happened in between so I guess that was the "surgery".
They told mom that I couldn't get my incision (that's what they call it when they cut you!) Mom had to figure out a way to keep my tummy dry. The vet suggested Press N'Seal but it stuck to my fur and I didn't like that so much. So my mom put on some gauze, then she cut up some fabric then put the Press N'Seal around my tummy! Actually, I liked the way it held my fat tummy up!

Dad was holding me so mom could take my picture. Whenever I go outside, mom wraps me up. You see we have this wet, white stuff on the ground. Mom calls it "snow" but I call it "fun"!! Last night I was playing with a piece of the "snow" and I started to roll it and mom said I made a "snowball". It was fun! Mom made me stop because she said I'm not suppose to run (yet!).
I guess this surgery thing is so I don't have puppies like myself! Actually, I'm too busy to have's just "all about me" so mom made a good decision for me. Although, she didn't tell me that I was also having four baby teeth removed too! The vet said my baby teeth were sitting next to my big girl teeth and stopping them from coming through. Who knew! Mom did...she said she could feel and see the teeth next to each other.
So lots of ouch's this week but I feel really good now. Mom and dad won't let me run around yet..I don't know why! I feel great and I'm ready to play and drive mom and dad nuts again! Hmmm Maybe that's why they're keeping me in the big girl crate! Now that's an OUCH!


  1. You will be up and about in no time and will be able to keep your girlish figure now, no worries about bringing home puppies!

  2. That is two funny