Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm a big girl now!

I really love my mom! But...if the truth be told she doesn't take pictures very good (dad tells her this a lot too!).
Anyway, mom and dad have been telling me what a big girl I'm getting to be! First, I go potty outside all the time. I either bark or ring the bell on the door...I have to do this because mom and dad get distracted and don't know I'm sitting at the door! It's really been hard to train them but we're doing it! I love being outside so this 'potty' training was a snap for me!
And check out the latest tooth I lost! See what I mean about mom not so good at taking pictures! I did have four of my baby teeth pulled when I had my 'surgery' two weeks ago. Mom seems to think I don't have any baby teeth left. She said she's happy abut that too and it just proves that I'm getting to be a big girl.
It's snowing again and I just love the snow! I like to run in it and push the snow with my nose! Mom lets me stay out but she stands at the door and watches me! I think I just make her happy to see me playing. I just wish mom or dad would come and play in the snow with me. Then maybe they would become a 'snow dog' instead of the 'snow birds' they are now!

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