Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snow Bird? or Snow Dog

Mom and dad keep saying that we are going to be Snow Birds! I know I'm not the smartest puppy but I do know that I'm a dog! So I think I should be called a snow dog! I love the snow!!! It tastes so good! Feels nice and cool on my tummy! And just fun to play in! I tried to make a ball to play with yesterday. I started to push some snow with my nose and it made a ball! I kept hitting it with my nose and it started to get bigger!!! What fun that was! Mom said she wished she had the video know how my mom is...she has this thing about taking pictures of me all the time. Oh keeps her happy and that's what I'm all about is making mom and dad happy! Well, most of the time anyway!

1 comment:

  1. We had our first snow last week and Bugsy was so excited. He just loves the snow, but he's so hard to see!
    I can't believe how fast Kalee is growing! Bugsy would like to know when she will be old enough for a date? :)