Sunday, December 18, 2011

My first sleepover!

What a fun weekend I had! It was my first 'sleepover'! I didn't know what a 'sleepover' was until Mom started to pack all my toys, food and crate in the car. I thought I was losing all my stuff! But mom put me in the car and off we went down to the grand kids house.
I got to spend the night and play with the kids and cats! I never played with cats before and we had so much fun!!
Alley and AJ are the cats that live with the grand kids. Alley was my favorite because she would play with me! Mom put a video on this post for me of us playing together.
The kids played with me a lot too, which was fun. Amber and Nick took me outside on my leash lots of times. Mom likes to make sure I go potty because she says she doesn't want me making any mistakes! I don't make mistakes and I was a good girl even in a strange house.
I did get wore out from playing so much so last night I slept on Amber's lap and this morning I slept on Nick's lap. I really like Nick and Amber and I'm looking forward to our next sleepover in the spring!

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