Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is me with my buddy, Fonzie! It was a misty day when mom took these pictures so I had on my rain coat and boots. We had already taken our walk so mom said to go play outside before she dried off the parts of me that aren't covered. I like playing in the back yard and I like walking in the spots that don't have grass. When we got here the grass was nice and green but because this place (called Ocala) only likes the sun, the grass turned brown and the flowers all died when we had a few days of cold weather. I don't care what the weather is so I'm happy wherever I'm at.

This is me lying on the floor in mom's sewing room. I like to be in the same room as mom but sometimes she goes from one room to the other. It's hard to keep track of her sometimes. That's when I just go in my crate and take a nap. She'll settle down eventually then I can be next to her.

Mom took a video of Fonzie and me greeting each other. Sometimes Fonzie will bark but I'm a good girl and don't bark at all. Mom said she doesn't want me to bark when I see another dog or when someone comes to the door. I do real good at that. BUT...I do bark when I'm playing with dad or sometimes when I'm playing outside and running around. Mom said that's ok.
So it's nap time and then mom is taking me on another walk. I guess she's going with a friend today so she wants to make sure I walk twice before she goes. Fine with me! Can't wait to see new sights and people!

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