Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I met my cousins!

I finally got to meet my 'cousins'! This is Sherry! She's only 4lbs. (that's what I weighed when I was first with mom and dad!). She may be little but she's one tough little dog! My mom said she was the spoiled/selfish little cousin but by the end of our visit, my mom said I was the spoiled/selfish cousin. I kept trying to take Sherry's chewie from her! It's ok...we still had fun chasing each other around the house!

And this handsome fellow is my cousin, Remy! Isn't he beautiful! And you should see him catch a ball! WOW! I was impressed. I'm not sure if he was showing off for me but....

This is Sherry and I playing tug of war. And this is me sitting with 'mother' (that's Nancy's mom). She liked me and I liked to jump up on her lap!

My mom's sister had a dinner for us but I was so tired so I slept under the table while the 'humans' ate their dinner. I still don't remember if I ate dinner or not! Seems like all we did was run or go for walks outside! This is me and my cousins resting!! I sure enjoyed my overnight visit and hope we get to do it again sometime!

Mom took a video (she really took LOTS of them!) of us running around so here's a peak at what we did most of the 24 hours! Now back to take another nap!! I'm pooped!

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  1. The entertainment committee! Too cute. Cousin is like a little squeak toy.