Friday, February 24, 2012

My Uncle Larry

This is my Uncle Larry! I just love Uncle Larry and Ms. Jan! They are the rich people who have two homes and they let my mom, dad and me stay in their house here in Ocala! I don't have any pictures of Ms. Jan but she is very beautiful and she smells so good all the time. Mom said she took some pictures last night when they all went out to dinner (I had to stay home!) so she'll put them on her blog in the next few days.

Of course, you know my friend, Fronzie! He was waiting for me again this morning to come see him. Which I did, and I ran, and ran and ran...and then mom had to bath my feet and face! I was just trying to get my fur the same color as Fronzie! BLACK! Oh well, I'll try again later!
Mom said tomorrow we graduate from puppy least she hopes we do. I'm doing really good at my sit/stay, down/stay and even my come command and finish. Mom thinks it's so cute when I do this last command. I just hope I remember tomorrow when they test us! I get nervous sometimes and forget what I'm suppose to do! Oh well, we can always take another puppy class!!

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