Monday, February 27, 2012


Yep, I graduated (again!) from puppy class. It wasn't my "best" day mom said but I just wanted to sniff the ground and have fun so my heeling wasn't so good! I do so good at the sit/stay and down/stay but when it came time for the sit/stay for graduation, I decided one minute was too long to sit so I laid down! I had points deducted for that and I did great at my down/stay. BUT...I did get 100% for the recall and finish! I was the only dog that did the complete finish! So that was good.
Mom took lots of pictures so I'll have those to look at and remember the new friends I made. This first little girl is called Sassy and she took 1st place! Every week Sassy had on a new outfit! Mom never buys me outfits! Sassy is going to move on to the novice class!
It's hard to see but Mr. Will is walking his imaginary dog! He just wanted to show us what we had to do today to graduate! It was funny to watch him make his dog sit! Mr. Will belongs to Miss Letty and he does everything she tells him to! Miss Letty and Mr. Will were really nice and funny. I'm glad mom took us to their class and she said maybe next year we'll take another class from them! Miss Letty owns the Professional Dog Training center in Ocala.

This little girl and her dog Shanna were so much fun to watch. Mom would sometimes forget what to do because she was always watching Shanna! Shanna is 11 years old and her handler is only 5!

Sniffle, sad it's over but I'm sure mom will come up with something else for us to do. She said we'll take more classes when we get back home! Yippee! Oh, mom said to be sure to watch Shanna and her handler in the video!

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  1. What a day... your entertainment for sure! Shanna did great.