Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, mom is at it again!

So this was me back in 2011! at puppy class....and guess what!  We're going back to class again!!!  Geezzzz....I did really good the last come I have to go again!  Well, I found out wants me to be a therapy dog (like Mandy) so that means I have to pass lots of tests.

I have to have my Good Canine Citizen's certificate first then on to TDI (Therapy Dog International) testing.  Mom said it will be lots of fun as I'll get to see different people, places and even some kids.  Mom said it makes sick people feel good when they pet a dog.  And kids read out loud to me, while we sit on the floor.   I'll be getting lots of petting...although, I already get lots of petting so not sure why I have to go back to school!

Oh well...we had our first class last night and there are only big dogs in class!  WOW!  I think they were surprised to see a little dog in school!   I did pretty good and I remembered most of what I am suppose to do.  I'd do lots better if mom would remember what she's suppose to do.  But she'll learn soon enough!

The next pictures are in Amber's bedroom.  I was laying on her bed while she was getting dressed and cleaning her room on Wed.  I love Amber and Nick!  They take me outside, pet me lots and give me treats.  I also get to play with A.J. and Allie their cats.  I'm really tired when I get home on Wed. nights but it's worth  it.

So now mom and I have to go for a walk and practice our lesson we learned at school!  I am going to be the smartest dog ever!

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