Friday, June 21, 2013


I had a really bad tummy ache this week so mom had to take me to the Dr.'s and I got two shots!  Really three because they gave me a water bubble shot too!  Mom said I must have eaten something but I'll never tell her what it was!  I am all better now and playing with my BFF, Cody!   Mom said I really stressed her out the past three days!  Mom got really upset that I was sick....I know I'm her baby but when you're sick you really get babied!  Love you mom!!!

Cody's mom and dad are travelling out west for two weeks so he's going to stay with us.  I like when Cody is here so we can play.  Although, sometimes he'll keep wanting to play ball and I'm too tired.  So I make dad play ball with him while I sit and watch.

I am nice to Cody and when mom throws the ball, I'll grab it first but then I drop it and let Cody take it back to mom!  I'm a good BFF!

Mom says we have to take a nap in the afternoon....actually, I don't mind and neither does Cody.

We're going for a walk after dinner.  Mom and I take two walks a day...Cody said he'll go with us too.  But mom said we have to take breaks so Cody doesn't get tired.  I'll like having a break too!!!

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  1. Oh....what a scare you gave everyone Kalee....glad you are feeling better