Sunday, May 18, 2014


Mom and me are at Amber and Nick's house until Monday...we've been here since Thursday.  I'm not really scared as I look in this picture...I just didn't want mom to take my picture.  She forgot to brush me and I don't look as nice as usual.  OK, maybe I was a little weren't home from school yet on Thursday and I didn't know if mom was leaving me alone or what was up.

Once we got the kids from school I was excited and we're keeping the kids entertained!

 At least I'm doing my part!  Seems everyone loves to hide food or treats and make dogs and cats hunt for their food.  what's up with that!  I don't live in the wild...why should I have to "find" my food!  Just put my treat in my mouth or food in my bowl...but nooooooo...they like to make me find a treat!  Geezzz

So needless to say, I get tired!!And this is what I think about the whole "watching the kids"'s exhausting for a dog!  Grandma's do lots better!

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  1. Awww -- looks like someone needs belly rubbins!