Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This job is more fun than I thought!

I really enjoy my job!  And mom found another home that we get to visit each week!  WooHoo!  Today we went to the Assisted Living facility here in town, our normal weekly visit.  We only got to stay about 45 minutes since they were getting ready to show a movie.  King Kong...he looked scary to me so I'm glad we had to leave. I did get to take a short nap before we left.

This is my friend Marie.  I like to lay beside her when we visit.  Sometimes I just sit on her lap but today I just snuggled up next to her and took a nap.  Mom likes to 'yap' a lot so I got a nice rest.

One of the residents from this Assisted Living home moved to a new one to be closer to her kids.  So Mom and I drove to the new place to visit. was a really big place and I loved it.  So many people walking around and petting me!!!  It was really fun!  This is our friend, Harriett.  She is really nice and always has me up on her lap.
BUT today I also got to ride!!  Yep, Harriett let me ride on her scooter.  Well, I guess it's not a scooter really but she uses it because the new place is so big, sometimes she need to take a break and sit down!

I had so much fun having Harriett push me around the building!  We did stop a few times and sit on benches.  Really it was so mom and Harriett could rest.  I didn't need to rest!

I can't wait to go back.  Mom took a video of me riding the 'scooter'.  You can see it below.

So now we have two places to visit each week.  I'm going to be really sad when we go to Florida.  I won't get to visit with my friends.  But mom said we'll get back to it when we return in the spring.  Until then, we have about five more weeks to visit with our friends.

Oh bought me another dress to wear for Christmas visits.  Sure wish they'd stop putting this outfits on sale!

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