Friday, December 12, 2014

Still doing my day job!

Mom and I headed out around noon yesterday to go and see my friends at the Assisted Living home.  Actually, now I go to two different homes!

This is my friend, Marie!  Marie likes me to sit next to her and I like it too.  It gives me time to rest!

Mom had me wear my Christmas dress too.  She said it makes the residents happy to see me dressed up.  I think they're happy to see me naked, so I don't think I need a dress...but it makes mom happy.

Yesterday, at our 2nd stop mom and I went in to look for one of our friends, Harriet.  We happen to run into the program director and told her we were on our way to see Harriet.  She informed us that Harriet had fell and was at the hospital (which is about a 1/2 mile away).

Well, mom was really upset, so back in the car we went so mom could go and see Harriet.  Mom left me in the car since it was a long walk to the hospital and she wasn't sure they would let me in.  Mom said I didn't have papers!  Dad has lots of papers that I like to grab and run away with but I don't think that's the kind of papers she was talking about....

Oh, sorry...guess I forgot the rest of the mom goes in the hospital and with the last name they gave her at the Assisted Living home (you see mom didn't know Harriet's last name!) she went up to the fourth floor to see Harriet.    Mom said she walked in the room and thought "that's not Harriet!".  So to make this long story a bit shorter....we went back to the assisted living home and guess who was sitting in the living area but MY Harriet.  The lady who gave mom Harriet's last name forgot there were two Harriet's!   This is  my friend, Harriet!   And she didn't fall!

  Whew!  We sure were glad our Harriet is ok!  And so is Harriet!!!  Mom said the good thing was she got more steps in her exercise program by all the walking!  So we got to visit with Harriet and some of the other residents.  They like to pet me and tell me how pretty I am!

Mom said because we leave to go to Florida in a few weeks that we may not get back to see our friends until spring.  We're going to try but mom said she has a lot to do!  What's to do!  We just get in the car and drive!  I'm ready so we can get back to taking walks!  I don't get many walks in because mom gets cold.  She needs to have fur on her like me!!  Well, it's time for my biscuit treat!!

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