Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yep...I still have my day job!

Mom and I are still visiting folks at the Assisted Living Home in our town.  I really love going there once a week seeing all the patients.  They can't wait to pet me and I can't wait to get petted!!!

This was me waiting for mom to take me to my job.  Yea...she put me in a cheerleader outfit!  I don't know why either...Halloween was last week...I had to be a bumble bee for that visit!

This is my friend, Norma...she loves for me to sit on her lap so I do just that!

I was trying to turn around as another one of my ladies was trying to pet me!  I did end up sitting next to her after I left Norma's lap!

I really do enjoy my time with the folks...I just wish mom wouldn't dress me up all the time.  She said next week I'll just wear jewelry around my neck!  Oh, she's talking about getting some stencils and coloring my fur!!!  WHAT!!!!  I think mom as too much time on her hands!

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