Wednesday, June 6, 2012

She's at it again! mom is at it again!  She signed me up for a Rally Class starting next week!  What the heck is a Rally Class???  From what mom told me, I'll get to run and jump and meet new friends.  Oh, yea...I have to behave to commands too.  I do really well "on leash" as mom likes to say and "off leash" I do my sit/stay/wait/find/down commands really good too.  I just don't always want to "come" to mom or dad when they call me ("off leash")...I just wonder if mom knows what she's in for at this Rally Class!  Oh well...I think it will be fun for me!!  I love meeting new people and other dogs so I'm pretty excited about the class after all! 

This is what mom said I should be able to do at some point in my life!!  I don't know who this Bichon puppy found it for me on this blog.  It does look like fun doesn't it!!  At least mom will get some exercise...I wonder if she has to jump the jumps too?  I hope so!

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