Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back home!

This is me at the hotel! sure is hard traveling!  Plus, I have allergies really bad so mom has to give me a pill every day! 

Yesterday we went to my own vet here in Michigan and they gave me a shot and started me on some new 'drugs' (that's what mom calls them!).  I'm doing so much better today and have hardly scratched.  Only problem, mom and the doc might not know if it's the 'drugs' or no more Florida pollen (another word mom uses!).  I'm really glad to be home.  I get to run up and down the deck stairs and I can see way down the back yards from the deck!  It's a lot of fun!  I'm really looking forward to seeing Cody and playing with him sometime this week or weekend!!  He's my buddy next door and I know we'll have fun.
This is me after I got my bath! 

And this is dad and me sleeping!  It's hard work traveling!

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  1. Oh the allergies... I sure think it could be the sand or pollen in FL. Our Carin Terrier Jesse got much "itchier" when we moved here. He sometimes develops hot spots and requires occasional treatment. Good relief in your norther climate!