Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somethings going on!

I'm not really sure what's going on around here!  Mom is moving her 'art' stuff and packing and cleaning and I'm just not sure where it is we've going!  This table used to be full of mom's stuff but not anymore!!!  Maybe she gave up all that art stuff so she can just focus on me, me me!!!  Yea, I don't think so either!    Mom just told me that we're going to our Michigan home.  I figured out that I've spent the same number of months in Florida as I did at my Michigan home!!  I'm still a baby you know!

Mom & dad were taking me to the doggie park every day but I had to go back to the doctor's today for my allergies!  I keep scratching and it's keeping mom up at night...she doesn't complain much and said she's more worried about me.  So now I have to take more of my medicine until we get back to Michigan.    Sure hope I grow out of these allergies!

This is me waiting for the other dogs to come to the park.  If not one is there, I just jump back in the golf cart (after I've cried a bit)....and this is me in the golf cart!  I love going for rides and I'm sure going to miss it back in Michigan.  Mom said we can't take the golf cart with us.  I don't know why not!!! 
 This is me waiting for mom and dad.  They talk a lot you know!
Well, mom wants to use the computer now so guess I'll sign off.  Hope I get to go for my golf cart ride soon!  I'm just waiting for dad!  As usual!

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