Thursday, April 26, 2012

I missed you too, Nick!!!
Mom took me yesterday to pick up Amber and Nick from school.  I haven't seen them in forever!!!! 

We had so much fun!  We met up with Amber first and she took me for a walk!  I was really good and peed when mom told me too.  I'm really good about going potty on the's not always easy because people stare and sometimes that makes it hard for me to go! 

After our walk, we sat in the car and Amber let me sit on her lap and look out the window.  We had to wait in the parking lot for the bell to ring.  This bell isn't like my bell at home (I ring the bell to go potty!).  Nick's bell was to let him out of the school house. 
Then I sat on Nick's lap to say hello.  I'm not allowed to ride in the car loose so mom either puts me in the crate or in my seat belt.  Mom said the doggie seat belt used to be for Mandy but she was able to shorten it up so it fits me too!  I lay in my bed and the seat belt holds me in, just in case mom isn't paying attention (or is it paying attention??) and has to stop really quick.  She said she doesn't want me to go flying through the window or slide off the seat. 

Then we went to the kids house and they fed Spikena...I'm not sure of her's used to be Spike but now they found out he is a she so they changed her name!  Mom took a video of her eating.  Yuck!  I'd rather eat dog food and my biscuits!  She's eating meal worms!  Well, I have eaten worms in Florida but they don't really taste that good and mom brushes my teeth like 3 times a day if I do! 
Mom said we're going to be staying with the kids in May so I'm looking forward to have fun with Amber and Nick!  And the cats!

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