Friday, April 6, 2012

My Doctor Visit in Florida!

Go figure!  Mom made me go to the doctors here in Florida today!  Mom doesn't like the red stain I have on my face and she thought it could be allergies...she said I rub my eyes just like her and dad do when they have allergies.  I don't know what allergies are but I don't think they are bugs!  Mom's always looking at my belly to make sure I don't have bugs.  I think she would freak out if I did!  I know dad would for sure!

So anyway, off to the doctor we went this morning...the lady doctor was really nice, well, until she did this 'thing' with my backside!  She wanted to make sure my 'anal' glands were clean!  WHAT!  YIKES!  Who told her to do that!  I thought I was going for my face stain!  Geezzz  I just think she made a mistake and reached for the wrong end! 
This was me after the 'backside' thing!  The doctor finally got to my 'front' side and said I do have allergies.  She gave mom some pills for me to take every 12 hours.  I guess I'll always have a stain on my face, even though mom washes my face every night after she brushes my teeth.  The Dr. suggested mom try some Angel Eyes supplement but mom wants to wait until we get home.  She wants to see how the medicine works and if I still have those darn 'allergies' when we get back to Michigan.  Maybe the 'allergies' will stay in Florida!  I sure hope so!  I don't want to go back to the Dr. here again...she just might get my back side and front side mixed up again!

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