Saturday, April 28, 2012

My afternoon out

Yesterday, mom took me to our local pet store, which is right around the corner!  We're so lucky to have this store so close to our house!  And I'm lucky because mom takes me with her when she goes there.

This is me being so good, waiting for mom.  She has to give the people something in exchange for getting me some new chewies!  It's a plastic card and all they do is hand the card back and forth to each other.  I think it's dumb but mom says that's how she pays for me toys and food!
I get really excited when I see or meet people but I have learned to settle down quickly and just sit.  Sometimes mom talks so much that I get tired so I lie down.  Mom said either way is being a good dog!  So I guess I was a good dog yesterday!!

I'm wearing Mandy's car harness because I'm not allowed to sit in the car without being "hooked up"!  Mom said I could fall or slip off the seat and if I'm not in the crate I wear my harness. 

Today is a lazy day for me.  I've been sitting on dad's lap or in mom's sewing room.  That's ok because mom said Cody is coming over to play with me today or I'm resting up!

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