Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've been busy..

 So mom said I haven't been very good about writing in my blog.  But golly!  She keeps me so busy it's hard to find time to get on the computer!  This is me just hanging around waiting for what we're going to do next!  sometimes, mom just doesn't want to do anything but sew...well, I try not to let her get so bored that she has to sew, SO, I'll get her chasing me or playing with me.  I like to call it playing with me but mom and dad don't always see it that way!

Last weekend mom took me down to see Amber and Nick and we actually stayed overnight for two nights!  This is me in my safety belt waiting in the car to head out. 
I like going to see Amber and Nick.  They take me for walks, play with me and I get to play with Alley and A.J. their cats!  Alley like to play more than A.J. does so we two girls hang out a lot!

This is a picture of Alley and me resting!  We ran around ALOT! so we were both pretty tired.  She's a nice cat and sometimes she just lays on her back and puts her paws up for me to sniff and just play.  She's a cool cat to hang out with. 

I sure was tired when we got home last Monday.  So mom sat at her sewing machine and I just slept under her foot next to the gas pedal on her machine. 

 And this was me later at night! 
I'm all rested now so I'm ready to go again!!  Now to get mom and dad ready to play!  I have to keep them moving or they get all stiff in the joints.  It's a good thing they have me or they would be what mom calls "couch potatoes"! 

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