Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm just too busy to be a blog dog!

Yes, I really am really cute but I don't just sit around all day long looking pretty!

I'm a busy girl!  When mom gets up she makes me go outside first thing...not sure  why!  If I have to go, I ring the sometimes I just sit on the patio and look at the birds, chase a gecko or two or just watch my buddy, Fonzie, through the fence....ok, eventually I do go potty...sometimes I hold it just to make my mom wait by the door!  I love teasing her!

So after our 'go potty' routine, then we feed Gracie and I wait for her to drop some food my way.  I love Gracie's pellets and mom will give me one when she feeds Grace.  I'm not so crazy about the banana's or apples she gets....after mom has about four cups of coffee we go for our 1st one and half mile morning walk!  I love my walks...I get to see squirrels and people and dogs!  I never bark but I do run up to people!  I'm not suppose to but.....

when we get back from our walk, I'm usually tired and hungry...not always in that we get some breakfast and then I get a treat when mom makes dad a sandwich to take with him golfing.  Then I rest!

I have to rest because mom and dad will take me on a golf cart ride when dad comes home!  I love my golf cart rides...sometimes I get to go to the doggie park and play with other dogs.  Mom says I get too dirty so I only get to go there when shes going to give me a bath!

Then it's food time (again)...we eat alot here in our house...well, at least I do.  Mom and dad say they eat out a lot too!  I don't know why they don't eat at home like they do in Michigan but it's ok.  I get some alone time (you know mom is always with me!)

I've always been good at throwing my toys at mom and dad.  it's my way to get them to play with me!  This is me playing with my chewie!  So now you know why I'm not good at being a blog dog!  I'm too busy right now being a dog!

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