Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our time in Florida is over...

Well, Gigi and I have been so busy this winter.  Mom and dad take us on daily golf cart rides, mom takes us for rides in the car then for walks around town.  We each get to go on a dog walk with mom alone...actually, she has to take Gigi by herself because she gets nasty with other dogs, so mom is training her...but she's doing so much better now!  Take a look at what Gigi got to do tonight (I had to stay home with dad!).

Gigi got to play with Ranger in his back yard.  Ranger's mom, Elizabeth, is training him for agility.  He's doing really well from what mom said.

  Anyway, they ran and played and mom said Gigi never even barked at Ranger!

Mom does have pictures of me too!!   Well, a girl needs her beauty sleep!

But mostly it's pictures of Gigi and me!  That's ok...she's my sister now and my best friend.
Mom said we're leaving a week from today to go back home!  I miss some of my dog friends back home as well as our family and friends.  Maybe I'll have more time to post when we get home!  Maybe!

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