Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love showers!

What fun I've had for the past few days!!  I didn't know it but dad put some showers outside for me!!!  Isn't he nice!  Dad calls them a "sprinkler system" but I still call them showers!
 I didn't know what the showers things were for...but when mom let me outside I found out!  I like showers better than a bath.  Although, mom gives me a rinse when I come inside from my shower!  I'm still not sure why!
This was me biting at the shower thing!  What fun!!!!
 This was my first day "in the shower"!!!

This was me after I was finished with my shower!
Mom has another video but for some reason she can't upload it.  She said she'll put it out there on my blog tomorrow.  What fun!

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