Saturday, March 24, 2012

Visit with my cousins!

This is my cousin, Sherry!  Mom calls her the "selfish cousin".  She's actually smiling here but it doesn't look like it.  Mom also calls her a "monkey"...I don't know why!
And this is handsome, Remy!  I really like, I mean REALLY like Remy!  Oh yea, that's Sherry's butt sticking out from under the couch in the back!  She likes to hide under there and tease me!
I climbed in Sherry's crate!  It was a little snug to say the least!  But I got in!  Sherry didn't like that I was in there but ha, ha...

Mom took a video while she was getting us all to sit for a treat!  She did this all the time!  For some reason, she just thought it was so funny to see us all sit together!  We also did lots of walking in the community which was fun...well, fun until I would have to be washed off because I got into sand, dirt, twigs....all kinds of fun things!  I can't wait until next year to go back and visit with my cousins again!!!

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