Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was on a vacation!

Yep...I got to go on vacation!  A visit with my cousins!  Last winter I got to visit with Sherry and Remy and mom said we were going again this year. 

I was so excited to go on our trip!  This is me saying hi to Sherry!  She was a little intimidating to me last year, but this year, because I'm bigger, I wasn't afraid of her.  In fact, we played a lot together!

and this is the handsome, Remy!  I really like him and I think he likes me.  At least he acted like my protector!  He's really a cool dog and loves to play fetch!

We got to go to the dog park and play!  Boy, did we have fun!  At least Remy and I did!

You can see how good Remy is at catching ball!  He is so handsome!

Sherry didn't want to visit or meet new dogs so I was the social greeter for us!

In fact, she didn't even want to play!  Doesn't she look like a little princess sitting in the shade!  I had so much fun on my vacation!!  I am a little tired but mom said it was good that I got to play with my cousins!  I think so too!  Hope we get to play again before we go back to Michigan!  I love being a 'snow bird' with mom and dad!  So much to do here!

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