Thursday, January 17, 2013

Woe is me.....

Well, mom sure did it this time!  About a week ago, mom gave me a "treatment"...she said it was a preventive for fleas and ticks...WHAT!  I don't have fleas or ticks....but mom said this was to make sure I don't GET fleas or ticks...I still don't understand but what I do know is mom's so called "treatment" sure made me itchy! would bath me or rinse me off every other day trying to relieve my itch where she put the K9 Advantix II.  Mom got a little lazy (that's my word and not mom's) and would just let me air dry!  Well, that didn't work out so good!  For me that is!  I would roll and rub and I kept getting matts in my fur!  I've never had matts before so mom was freaking out and trying to brush me but that wasn't working either!  
So today, mom is taking me to the groomers!  Mom said I'll look beautiful again and I sure hope so!!  
Maybe mom will post pictures of me after I get pretty again!  At least I hope I look pretty again...woe is me!!!!

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