Sunday, January 6, 2013

 This picture is from one of our morning walks.  I love my walks!!!  Mom says she does too.  I'm really good and when a car comes down the road all mom has to do is say "CAR" and I sit right down!  Doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of the road or off to the side I sit!  Sometimes people driving their car will laugh but I'm a good girl. 
When we walk, mom tells me to "go sniff" so I can roam around (except I don't go on the grass).  I like to roam.  When mom has on the short leash, then I have to heel.  I'm really good at both!  I'm such a smart dog!  Mom and dad keep telling me that so it must be true!
This is me waiting for mom to put her phone/camera away!  She's always taking pictures when we walk.  That is except at night (except for the Christmas lights).  Lately, we've been walking a mile at night in the dark!!  Mom and dad are always busy so by the time mom gets dinner and dishes over with it's dark.  Mom said she doesn't mind walking at night.  She has a flashlight on which hangs from the leash and I have a flashing light on my harness.  It's not the cars you have to watch out for anyway, it's the golf carts!  Folks ride their golf carts all day long and night.  Dad said he'll take me for a ride at night before we leave.

Well, have to go now.  Mom is in  her sewing room and I get to lay up on the bed next to her table and look at the window!  I love Florida!!!

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