Thursday, January 3, 2013

We can walk in the dark!

This is what mom and I see on our nightly walks!  We usually go for a walk after dinner but lately mom and dad have been gallivanting all over so they don't get home until late!
I still make mom take me on a walk. I have a light on my leash and mom carries a flashlight.  She said we have to be careful not to get hit by a golf cart!   I guess some old folks drive around at night in their cart!  You'd think they would walk instead!

This is me riding in the golf cart!  I love the golf cart!!!  Dad takes me for a ride every day when he gets home from golfing!  it's my favorite time of the day...well, in addition to walking in the dark!  That's fun too!

And this is where I laid most of this afternoon...I would jump off when mom left the room but as long as she stay at her desk in the 'sewing room' I just slept on the bed!  I love this room too because I can look out the window so I know when dad comes home!  I have to be ready to ride in the golf cart! 

So I better get will be home soon!

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